Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm working on it. And making progress!

Yesterday I did some running around after the Doctor's appointment, and this morning I did the same after a visit with my friendly, neighbourhood Chiropractor.

I've been sewing, and shopping.

I've got to remember to pay the bills today...

I think I'll be ready to go. I'm aiming to be mostly packed by tomorrow afternoon so I can enjoy a girls' night out in Saskatoon. We're taking our small group on the road. Should be fun. Especially if I'm mostly ready to go!

Only one more top to sew up, and a new robe to assemble... although, if push comes to shove I'll work on my bras first. I can always take my old robe. I'd like to move all my bras' straps over so they're not constantly slipping off my shoulders. And there are a couple of old ones that would be wearable if I repaired the holes where the wires are trying to escape.

So, it's looking good.

And why, you ask, am I wasting time here, at the computer...

Good question.

I have no answer for that.

Guess I should just get going then...


  1. May your straps stay up
    and your cups remain unholey

    May you party well
    and your luggage be peaceful in its preparedness

    May your journey south be joyful
    and your home harmonious in your absence

    (a not too ancient Cumbrian blessing)

  2. You do need to keep us up to date on the state of your bra-ness or bra-less-ness, and give us blog readers something to chuckle about while we are supposed to be working. Thanks! by the way. And have a great time tonight in Saskatoon. Say hi to Tammy for me. Tell her I still love her even if I'm not there. :)