Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plan B

After getting to bed a little after 2 this morning, and being awake again at 7 and 8:30... and staying up at 8:30...

I decided that I should not do the Saskatoon this afternoon thing.


I'd probably be comatose with a whiplash headache before we even got out of Prince Albert.

So, instead of heading out the door right about now, I'm staying home and finishing up the leaving prep; It's almost done, but in my sleep deprived state it takes a bit longer to do everything... although the current bout of dizziness might have as much to do with the potato chips and dip I ate in lieu of lunch an hour ago...

Stupid me.


Plan B is staying home and having supper with the boys and playing a board game if I'm still conscious... and going to bed uber early.

That's too bad.

But sometimes you just have to be the parent and make the hard decisions...

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