Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You For Your Support

I have been down to one good bra.

*all you boys might want to quickly hit the back arrow at this point, just so's ya don't get all uncomfortable and such...

I prefer under-wire bras, but I'm forever breaking the wires; this leaves me with 2 options. Well, 3, I guess.

4 if you include following through with my threats to retreat to the West coast of Vancouver Island to become a hairy, bra-less Hippy... but so far I've resisted that temptation.

#1- I can go around unevenly yoked.

#2- I can pull the wire out of the other side and be equally and evenly floppy.

#3- I can scrounge another wire... probably from a former wire pulling incident... and try to add a wire. (The problem with this being that wires have a tendency to work their way out, becoming painfully uncomfortable when they start to drill their way into your armpit.)

The only thing worse than bathing suit shopping, as far as I'm concerned, is bra shopping.

Now, I do have a couple of wireless under-wire bras that I can wear around the house so I can "save" the last good bra for going out in, but it's that time of year when, once again, I am faced with a Vacation Situation.

This weekend Randall heads off to Chicago to finish off his Spiritual Direction course, and the following weekend I'm flying out to join him for the graduation.

This means I'll be "going out" every day for 5 days... and Chicago will be hot and humid... and one good "going out in" bra won't do me for the whole time.

I mean, I know everyone else will be hot and sweaty too, but...


I've been looking for a new bra.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

Without going into all the particulars, I have a hard size to find. It wasn't always so hard, but since I've lost a bit of weight, the "around" size has gone considerably down, while the actual holder size hasn't.

And apparently, women with large cup sizes are also very big around.

There's a place in Saskatoon- a plus size lingerie store at the Mid-Town mall- where I've had success finding bras, but making a special trip to the city just for bras is not a very cost  effective way to find coverage.

So, this morning while everyone was still sleeping off their weekend, I decided to check out the Penningtons at Cornerstone. I was pretty sure they'd have the cup size required, and I thought I'd just see if they had anything small enough to go around.

And, lo and behold, I came home with 2 new bras.

I think they were the only 2 in the whole store- and when they get a bit of wear I'll probably have to sew them in a bit to make them smaller, but I consider it a victory.


Now I have 2 weeks to come up with a couple more "going out in public" shirts and some new shorts.

And this is why, when you ask what we're doing for holidays, I might say, "putting the cushions on the swing and sitting in the back yard with a good book and a G&T."

Going away is almost more effort than it's worth.



  1. yay to finding new "boulder holders"!! :)

  2. That is so ... I was going to say funny but I am not laughing at you, especially as I was always challenged on the small size end of the deal - till I had kids and then gained weight. But there has been much discussion on this topic around my house what with having many girls in the house this weekend lamenting on bras and how they never fit right.

  3. And then, irony of ironies, as I was sweeping the kitchen crumbs into the dustpan after supper last night the OTHER side of my recently fixed ex-best bra snapped. Today I'll be scouring the sewing room for yet another discarded and reusable bra wire...Bras are stupid. I think we should revisit the whole bra burning thing from the 60's...

  4. Chuckles.

    You can't be a hairy hippie because you aren't hairy or large enough around the hips.


    Maybe you need cable bras - tougher than wired and with better support than wireless.

    OK, OK, geek joke. :)

  5. Hey- GETTING hairy and large enough around the hips? NO problem. If that's all it takes... bring on the cheesecake...

  6. I was in Sears in Edmonton two weeks ago when they had "buy one bra, get the second for $5" and... they had my favourite bra! I bought the four they had in my size.

    Two years ago I took a bra-making course and now have no excuse (except that I've never made any since the course).

  7. Now, a Bra-making course... that intrigues me. Emails to follow...

  8. My hairdresser went to a place in Warman called Bodacious Bustlines ph number is 249-6239. They custom fit and tailored a bra to fit only her!! How nice would that be?!

    Might be worthwhile looking in to...