Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holey Tooth, Batman!

I've had (what has been confirmed as) a slipping filling for several months now.

I noticed it probably back in May... and it became "floss sensitive" in July.

Just a spot on the back of one of my front teeth where there had been a fairly surface filling- the beginning of a cavity I think it had been. She figures I might have chipped the bottom of the tooth, and then the filling became unstable and started slipping. Or something like that. It meant that there was a jaggy bit at the bottom that the dental floss caught on, and a little hole at the top that needed extra flossing.

I booked an appointment before I left to join Randall in Chicago; my appointment was for next Tuesday- the soonest my Dentist had an opening. I was also put on the emergency cancellation list, and at least half a dozen times they tried to get me in, but I was ALWAYS pre-booked. And since it wasn't bothering me very much I was content to wait for the 2nd.

And then last night we had corn on the cob for supper.

Not that corn on the cob is a particularly hard vegetable or anything, but while I was picking at what felt like a piece of corn stuck between my teeth, the space opened under my fingernail and the offending loose filling finished it's slide out and down.


And then I had a dilemma.

Could I wait until next Tuesday to get the hole fixed?

It wasn't a really huge hole. There were no exposed nerves or anything. It was only slightly sensitive to heat and cold at that point.

What to do...

Did I mention that Randall was booked for an 8:00 am stint in the Dental chair?

Mm... yes.

In the end, we decided that we'd both go over for 8:00, and ask if I could take his place and he could either take my spot on the 2nd or get rescheduled.

I wonder if he was quietly relieved that he wouldn't have to do it this morning...

Well- I got my hole filled (HOORAY!) AND they'd just had a major cancellation for later on this morning, so he's getting his work done too. (poor man)

I've promised him milkshakes for supper.

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