Thursday, August 28, 2008

The First Day Of Semi-Retirement

It has begun.

It started this morning!

My Baby went off to high school.

Grade 9.

With the big kids.

: )


And I don't have to stop at 11:30 to make lunch for him... I have the whole day to clean the bathtub and vacuum and do... "stuff"...

Except for that Mochaccino date at 2:00... when I get to cheer up my Baby-Starting-Kindergarten friend and teach her a few new steps in the Happy Dance of Joy.

YAY for semi-retirement!

I should bake us a cake...

(to go with His milkshake for supper...)


  1. Yes, I understood for the first time what your Happy Dance of Joy is all about on Tuesday, when Luke and Olivia were both napping and Madeline was off at grade 1.

    And today, they're both napping again and I can do fun things like try out my new Swiffer wet jet!

  2. Wot, no corn on the cob for supper ?!!