Sunday, August 31, 2008

Achoo! Gesundheit.

(Ich bedauere, dass dies es nicht ein Ort der Deutsch schriftlich, aber Sie sind das meiste Willkommen)

As the dust settles

I'm catching up on emails and miscellaneous computer stuff.

It has been a wild weekend.

Things are brewing. Change is most likely in the works.

Besides the Parents that came on Friday to visit with the dog (who was very good all weekend- except for that time this morning when he found a half eaten piece of pizza and bit my Dad, who tried to take it away).

Besides getting the two middle children ready for, and delivered to (bus depots to deliver them to) College.

Besides the first two days of High School.

If feels like it has been a very long week.

Next week's not much better!

On Thursday I'll be heading out meet my second Sister, and drive with her to our little Sister's wedding. I hope some of the relatives that couldn't make it to Johanna's wedding at Easter will be there.

There's also a Church Ladies' Quilt and Bandage Rolling day on Wednesday. Being Semi-Retired I can go this time! Last year when they did the 10:00am- 3:00pm work bee thing I rarely, if ever, went as I'd have to be home from 11:30 until 1:00 preparing for, feeding and  cleaning up after Micah. So it will be nice to join in the Lunch Potluck and roll some bandages for our Clinics in the Congo and Haiti.

And Monday is Labour Day, and as I won't be anywhere near needing to think about being in labour, it will be a lovely day of relaxation and great rejoicing in the land.

Tuesday, if the Husband doesn't have better plans, I might go over to the Pottery Studio and get a start on some projects that have been simmering in my head for a few months.

A full week on the heels of a full week.

No wonder I feel tired today...

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