Monday, September 1, 2008

Okay, This Is Just Weird

The house is so quiet.

The only child in residence is still sleeping. I wonder if I should go poke him to make sure he is in fact living? It's nearly 3:00 pm, after all...

I was awake and up just after 9:00 this morning.

And I DID check, more than once, to see if the van was still here- which would indicate that Thomas wasn't working or out. Until I remembered, more than once, that he's GONE.

I must admit that I also thought, more than once, that if I fired up the computer or started poking around in the sewing room I'd disturb his sleep.

Getting used to him being gone is going to take awhile.

And Hillary's room, too, is too clean and quiet. Well, except for the pile of "Salvation Army" stuff loudly demanding attention on her bed.

Being a family of 3 is going to take some getting used to.

Already, this afternoon, I thought- "What shall we have for supper? Well... we could always go out or get a pizza..."

BAD thought. BAD thought.

It will take a little more discipline to cook for just the three of us some days.

And being Autumnally chilly outside, and sleepy and lazy inside isn't helping! Well, being out until nearly 1 in the morning after dropping Thomas off at the Saskatoon bus depot isn't helping either... and having all of us either getting over or being in the middle or beginning of that nasty flu/cold thing isn't helping...

What would help, I wonder?

Maybe I'll go boil the water for more tea and give it some thought...


  1. It is a bit weird around here too. Her closet is empty - almost. The floor of the closet is completely bare. Up in the loft, the sofa is sitting there and there is a wide expanse of uncluttered floor.

    Too clean.. Too quiet.

  2. When I was at Shopper's on Sunday, I saw a young guy walk out and I knew I recognized him. As he was driving away in a blue van, I realized it was your son and that I had recognized him from photos around the web. I'm assuming that he's the one that left?