Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed

Your Mom will drive you to school, and you can try taking the bus home in the afternoon.

I think he almost made it...

At least we now know that he needs more than 5 minutes to walk the 3 blocks to the bus stop! They're the short blocks, but sometimes the bus comes early. At least that was always the girls' complaint.

Micah was very excited about the student bus pass. I was impressed that he realized that it wasn't only valid for getting to and from school. He recognizes it for what it is- prepaid, unlimited transportation and freedom.

I think he might be planning on doing a little exploring after school.

I told him I'd start to worry after 5:00.

It seems like he's really getting into the High School thing. We're both loving the cheap cafeteria meals. Me, because they're cheap, and he because it's real food and he's never been a "sandwich/bag lunch" kind of kid. Field trips were always a challenge.

Ah, well.

The second week of classes has begun.  He even got his math homework finished. With no nagging from me. With no whinging from him.

So far, I'm mightily impressed with Offspring #4.

(And "no misspellings were found". It's going to be a good day.)


  1. Just to remind you, neither of your girls ever took the bus TO school, because I had an amazing friend who's parents drove us every single day, the entire 2 years we couldn't drive, and then some in junior high too.

    Just to remind you of that fact...

  2. RIGHT. That's right. I was wondering why I couldn't remember you walking down to 1st. St...

    Thank you.

    : )