Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Think We're Home

I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law...

But it looks like we are.

And tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. We seem to have an uncanny ability to attract record breaking hot temperatures when we're away. And with no air conditioning in the van... let's just say I wish that all that melting actually produced a little melting...


We saw The Dark Knight at the Imax, and viewed the Bodies in the Body World Exibition at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton. We drove a lot and sweated a lot and ate out every day and shared beds in hotels. There was a bit of swimming, much walking and even a bit of resting.

But it's GOOD to be home.

I think I've caught up all the Scramble games and Scrabulous games... I think I've cleaned up my Gmail Inbox... I think I'm ready for bed.

Five more days of "Vacation".

School starts in eight days.

I think "routine" will be a welcome relief.


  1. Welcome home. Sounds like a nice holiday. Not sure if you have had one like that before? Nice you have a few days before school. We missed you guys.

  2. Yeah, welcome home, you guys. And yeah, we missed you. And I can relate, it's nice to get away and do different things, have a break, but it's also really nice to get back home and into some kind of routine again. Hope you had a great time and some rest. :)

  3. So, did you see the bramaker in Edmonton?