Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Not really.

I just wanted to get a few Google hits from the Monty Python crowd...

I guess there are a few things completely different.

We had our friendly neighbourhood Realtor over yesterday and as of 2:00 pm, September 16 our house is officially on the market.

We've never sold a house before.

We've never owned a house before, so that follows.

That's probably a bit of what makes this move so interesting.

We're moving from the first house we've owned, where our kids all did most of their growing up.

That's the sad part.

I'll miss this house. It's been good to us. I've loved my kitchen with the windows. I would have loved it more if it had been a little bigger... but the south and east views pretty much made up for that, and you can't have everything the first time round.

: )

The happy part is that we're moving to a Manse.

A Parsonage.

I think I would be freaking out if we had to sell this house in order to buy one over there, in Alberta. (I know the housing market is getting a lot more stable, but it would still add a whole huge measure of stress to the proceedings.)

I'm looking forward to getting this place packed up, and it's very nice that we had the opportunity to have a couple really good looks around the new place so I can kind of picture where the things I'm packing will go.

I'm not too sure about the really, really high kitchen cupboards... lots of lovely space, but I might need to replace my stepping stool with a 4 foot ladder...

The thing  that's got me a little agitated today, is that Mr. Real Estate Agent Man is coming round tomorrow morning to take pictures of the inside of the house for the Internet listing.


One of the things I like to do when I'm wasting time is to search Internet Real Estate listings. (Just for fun) I KNOW how important these pictures can be!

I don't want to be the house with the cluttered up kitchen counter tops... with the overcrowded rooms... with the "tornado runs through it" look.

So, today the plan is to move all the visible "stuff" that can be moved, done without for a month or taken away.

If I can get that done I'll be satisfied.

The other thing that's a little agitating, is that I haven't heard from the Apple Jelly Man yet. I said he could phone me, and I thought he was going to phone and then bring the crab apples and jars over yesterday, on Tuesday.

He's probably got middle aged memory like me, and is waiting for me to phone him...

It's not like I don't have lots of other things to do, but the week is rapidly running away on me, and I have a meeting tonight, and an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then a longer one Friday morning, then my Mom in law's coming Friday afternoon... And I'd really rather be playing Scrabble come Friday night than frantically making crab apple jelly.

I suppose I'll just continue to carry on with the de-clutter project at hand, and then if I haven't heard from him by this afternoon I'll phone him.

And, he might be looking for someone to make crab apple jelly next year. Anyone out there interested in a jelly job? Let me know and I'll pass on your name and number with the jelly.

Well... back to the corners and the tops of dressers... I'll just be glad when it's done.


  1. I remember when we took our pictures when we listed our condo. We moved all the clutter from our kitchen into the living room and from the living room into the kitchen so we could take pictures.

  2. I'd rather you be playing Scrabble Friday night, too!!

  3. Dix is good at getting houses ready for the pictures and the open house and stuff. She helped us look "presentable"!