Monday, September 22, 2008

And When I'm Trying To Avoid Packing Boxes?

I see how far I can get Crunching Candy...


  1. Nice. you should put me back on your Blob roll

  2. (in Micah's defense, I looked over his shoulder while he was typing his comment... and hit the "submit comment" button before he could fix his "blob"...)

    I'm such a mean Mom.

  3. Ok, level 6... and well over a million points on the second go! Damn this addictive game.... haha.

  4. Apparently there are 30 levels. I've crashed on level 25; that's as high as I've gotten.

    Here's something I found out via Google: after a certain level, little question marks appear. These "mystery candies" have the ability to finish a row... BUT they also, if lined up with 4 other same-candy + a black jelly bean will make the black jelly bean disappear! If you happen to have 2 black jelly beans in one row, you only need 3 other candy and the mystery candy.

    Mmm... so not only wasting time Crunching Candy, I had to Google it to see how to get rid of the black jelly beans...

    : )