Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day With The New Eyes

And I'm dizzy as all get out, tripping over chairs on the way into the Pharmacy, trying to decide where to look...

And they're not even "progressive" lenses... just short, more square/ rectangular shaped ones.

They are very comfortable, as far as face, ears and nose go.

I can see UNDER them for reading pill bottles and nutritional analysis labels... and computer keyboards.

But I have to remember to look straight ahead and through them to see clearly. And I'm actually having a bit of a hard time typing here... The glasses are almost in the way. I'm looking under them at the keyboard, (when I'm looking at the keyboard- which, being a good typist I don't do very often) and I'm looking over them at the computer screen, because the lenses are a little strong for that distance.

The first hour I felt almost sick.

I'm getting a little more used to them... well I should be since I've been wearing them for 4 hours now... but this could take a while.

Did I mention that I got new spectacles?


  1. Sounds rough!! Hope you see better soon!

  2. I checked them out over at Randall's - nice. Very nice.

  3. I like them! Hope you get used to them soon.

  4. I see you're a new woman. Very chic yet very subtle.

    I love them on you!