Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Day, Another Stuffy Sinus

High on the list of things to avoid when you have a dust allergy, is Dust.

You figure?

High on the list of things that grow in Saskatchewan, is Dust.

And fruit flies, but that's another matter.

It finally dawned on me at the beginning of this week that the reason I've had a headache for (then) a week was my involvement with the dust these days.

My resistance must be getting lower as the days go by, because I'm getting stuffier and stuffier.

I'll be glad when all the dusty dishes have been wiped and packed away.

I'll be glad when all the dusty corners have been vacuumed out.

I mean, my goodness, I woke up yesterday morning with a couple of hives on my forearm, just above my wrist. And no, they were not spider bites.

I have also concluded that the day Randall vacuumed the ceiling, my dressing gown must have been on the bed, because it's really been causing me to feel itchy lately.


Gotta go.

The nose is going to drip again...


  1. Aw, that sucks!! I, too, have a dust allergy. Not fun!! Do you take anything for it?? Now would probably be a good time to take something since you are "cleaning out"!!

  2. Yeah... 10 mg Loratadine every morning for the past several years. It helps, but I think the dust is just a little overwhelming!

  3. I also have a dust allergy. Makes me hate housework even more than I might otherwise. My issues with dust were worst in the Congo - never ending and very severe, even needing shots of epinephrine occasionally.

    So you have my sympathies.