Thursday, September 18, 2008

Steeerike Two!

First it was my SIN that I needed.

Since I still (after all these years) haven't memorized it, I had to try to remember which purse the card might be in, and which box I might have packed the purse in.

I lucked out and found it in the purse at the top of the first box I reopened.

Then I went out and about a bit. Got straightened out at the Chiropractor, stopped at Shoppers to post some parcels, dropped off a Zellers employee shirt that I found in Thomas' room and picked up a few things at Safeway.

I deliberately thought, (at Safeway) "OH! Mom will be here for supper tomorrow. A pork roast would be nice. Randall likes that recipe... and we can have the leftovers in a sweet and sour sauce with fried rice or something...)

So, I bought the pork roast and came happily away.

And at home I got everything nicely hidden, and turned to the bookshelf

And remembered

That the Better Homes And Gardens Slow Cooker cookbook

The one with the pork roast recipe that I was thinking of

Has been packed.

Several days ago.

Which means it's probably at the bottom of the stack of boxes in the back... unlike the box from the bedroom that I had to open this morning, which had only been packed yesterday and was right there.

(at this point I'm trying to think of a non offensive semi-expletive to use...)


I guess I'll see what Google has to offer.

Fingers crossed.

Unless someone else has that cookbook and wants to email me the "South Pacific Pork Roast" recipe. I think it's on the same page as "Cherry Pork chops"...

(and my habit of publishing a post then reading it over on my website has resulted in no less than 5 "edit"s... I think the 1:00 am bedtime coupled with the usual 6:30 am rising is catching up with me...)


Google comes through again!

The second suggestion was  the recipe- I can recognize it, I just wouldn't have been able to remember it exactly.

Yay, Google.

Now, if I can remember how to operate the new printer...

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  1. I use the internet for recipes more than my cookbooks. And now that I have a laptop I don't even print out the recipes. I just leave my laptop on the kitchen table and run back and forth to read the ingredients. Ahh, technology :)