Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everything's Bigger In Alberta

Or maybe it's just me.

So, we landed.

In the field.

I think I've heard rumours that Randall has been keeping his blog updated with photos.

But, as for me, I've just been plugging away at the boxes.

I think most of the kitchen has been unpacked and put away.

In spite of kitchen cupboards that seem to have been made for much taller people than myself...

But, with our Grandma Stool, (which has a firm top step/seat and 2 slightly shaky fold down steps) I've been able to adequately reach the top of the top.

All but the big cupboard over the fridge, which has a lower shelf (no problem) and an upper roll out "basket" shelf. I can sort of toss the cereal boxes and snack food into the basket, but as it rolls out right over my head, I have a bit of trouble getting them out again.

Ah, well.

This is just a little problem that, with a larger 4 step ladder, will be managed.

I have only discovered 3 moving tragedies so far. The one that might have made me the most sad was repairable.

I did get a little sad when I unpacked my metronome today...

But I took Micah to school this morning.

More importantly, I found my way home again.

It seems like a really nice little school. I liked it.

I met Micah's new Teacher, some fill-in Secretaries, the 2 Bus Drivers, the School Custodian and a T.A. All very friendly. I'm sure Micah will have a great rest of the year there.

What else...?

Oh! I tried out the new cooker yesterday. Both the stove and the oven. No, I'm not inept, but it's a gas stove/oven and I've never used one before. Everything turned out well.

I also got a start on washing the sheets and towels that were used for packing. The washer is almost exactly like my old one, and it only took me a minute to figure out how to turn the dryer on. So I'm doing alright.

I'm still unbelievably tired, though.

The best part of the day continues to be the first few moments of sliding into bed.

And I seem to have brought the "must keep house in show-home order" condition with me. It's a bit of a nuisance. I'm sure I'll get over it in time.

The boxes are calling though. It's a very satisfying thing to flatten another box.

You'll forgive me if I give the odd one an extra stomp.


  1. Well, it's nice to hear your word again -- your side of the story. Hope things settle in soon.

  2. Stomp away, girl. Glad you're settling in a bit. And it's okay to take your time, you know. It doesn't all have to be done today, does it? Hugs

  3. If your old metronome has died, it may be time to switch to digital. I have two (one's actually a tuner as well as a metronome) and they're very nice.

  4. Oops! It'd be the no piano, wouldn't it?

  5. Stomp one really hard for me! Great to hear from you again, Lauralea. Thought one of those big boxes might have swallowed you! I'm glad to hear that things look good for Micah's school and all.

  6. Thinking of you out in the field.....

    The house already looks like a home. No wonder your pooped!

    You may have to get a hot tub for when all of us gals come and visit.;-)

  7. "Or maybe it’s just me."

    "kitchen cupboards that seem to have been made for much taller people than myself…"

    If anything I think this proves that you haven't got any bigger, despite your assertion that you were less diminutive.


    Takecare Laura, don't over-do it.

  8. You have the house looking so cozy already. I'm glad to hear about Micah's school and he looks happy coming off the bus. Don't forget to put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

  9. Ha! Good one, Toni. I hadn't noticed that.


  10. Stomp away... who's going to hear you in the middle of nowhere anyway?? :)

    Glad you are settling in.