Friday, October 24, 2008

It's 7:45 am: Do You Know Where Your Kid Is?

Mine is getting on the school bus.

How's that for the boy who couldn't get to school on time to save his soul when he lived just across the street and school didn't start until 9:00?


And here he'll be, out in the country, catching the school bus at 7:45 every morning to get to school for the 8:45 start up time.

And apparently it doesn't end after grade 9!

I had a nice chat with the bus drivers yesterday; it would appear that they continue to pick up the high school kids and then meet the high school bus to transfer those students.

Four years of early rising to anticipate.

It will be good for what ails him.

: )

Now: Back to the boxes...


  1. Amy is on the bus that early every morning too. And she's only in grade 1! It gives rhem extra time to do their homework when they are older..... speaking from experience!

  2. Good for Micah! Ask him from me if he remembers to brush so early in the morning. I'm sure he would want me to ask.

  3. until i get my drivers licensee.