Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Early, But I'm Going To Bed

I think it's best.

I must be looking old and tired.

At least that's what I deduce after talking to the Satellite Lady this afternoon.

We were making inquiries.

She was selling the programming.

Star Choice has a "Digital Favourites" package, she told us, that includes "Teletoon",

(and here she did a quick assessment, sizing us up)

For your Grandchildren.


I think I need more sleep.


  1. OH NO!!!!! Poor Lauralea.

    (And I guess you probably don't want to know that the Teletoon channel is for school-aged kids and isn't even for toddlers!)

  2. That shocked me too.

    That was the first time I've been referenced as a grandparent.


  3. Come on - you've got to get back to acting your age.

    Go for the sleep.

  4. Well, now. You DO have a married daughter after all.

    Hey, and I was a grandma at 46.

    It'll be OK.