Saturday, November 8, 2008

Early To Bed? Noooo.... But Early To Rise

Hillary and Thomas did a pit stop here last night.

It was good to be able to give The Girl a grand tour. She's the only child of ours who hadn't walked around in the new house yet. But that's been remedied.

And after a 5:45 alarm this morning, and a 9:00 bus from Edmonton, and a few stops along the way home...

It's now an hour and a half past the time I suggested for hitting the hay.


We put up a very cool big picture in what we call the sitting room, and I arranged the furniture in a way I like, (well, Randall and Micah moved the furniture, and I adjusted the chairs a bit).

Then I lit the candles and put 5 of my favourite Christmas CDs in the CD player and played with my SIMS a bit.

OH! But the Vince Guaraldi Christmas album just started... so how can I go to bed now?

This is a nice way to end a very long day.

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  1. I love Christmas carol time, everything just seems cozier and more relaxed with them on