Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Discovered The Fatal Flaw

With having the computer in the kitchen.

Let's just say that yesterday I was very productive before the afternoon was done.


Well, last night Randall got his old laptop set up for me, so I have a computer in the kitchen again.

It was nice this morning, for getting the pancake recipe on the screen...

But it pretty much went downhill from there.

It's after 11:00, and none of the toilets I was going to attack with cleaners and brushes have been approached, and I've only just barely finished washing up the breakfast things.

It's just a little too handy.

And it just takes a minute to check if anyone's made a Scrabble move on Facebook...

And it just takes a minute to check the email...

And it just takes a minute to cruise through my blog reads or write a post...

Funny how quickly those minutes add up and the whole morning is gone!

It's nice having the upstairs window views while ... working... on the computer though.

So, maybe I'll get the bathrooms cleaned and then I can justify playing some more.

Or at least have them done before Himself comes home for lunch...


  1. No. Lauralea.

    Your fatal flaw is that you've only been in that house for what 2 weeks and you're already cleaning the toilet?!

    Which reminds me, now that the small group doesn't meet weekly at our house, I probably should get up there and do my once-a-month cleaning of the toilets.


    (Just kidding... sort of...)

  2. It is hard to imagine life without computers. The games are a deadly addiction.

    So, some of us are addicts. But we are nice addicts, don't you think?

  3. I'm reading far too much guilt here ! You are allowed to have fun on a daily basis.

    Dixie's comment does encourage me with regard to necessary frequency of toilet cleaning, (as a three toilet, one person household.) Who wants to eat their dinner off them anyway ?

    Blogs and bogs - only a letter 'l' away in UK terminology.

  4. Oh, it is such a mixed blessing isn't it? I've often thought how much more I could get done without the computer, and I am not even on it that much.

    It's a bit of an addicition. Maybe a 12 step program could help?