Friday, November 21, 2008

Going Postal


Dear Canada Post.

Just to let you know that someone in the Prince Albert sorting department is Screwing Up.

We didn't mind paying the $40 to have our mail forwarded for 6 months.

We appreciate getting all the bills, letters, fliers, Capital One offers and circulars.

We DON'T however, appreciate getting OTHER PEOPLE'S bills, magazines and Capital One mailings.

The first time it happened I decided it was easier to phone the telephone company to alert them to the fact that we had received Mr. X's phone bill. They graciously covered for you and re-issued his bill.

I opened his Capital One envelope to make sure it wasn't a bill, and then just threw that away.

Today there was another one.

Some poor woman's magazine. "This is your final issue" it says on the back. What am I supposed to do with THAT?!

Now, I can understand a zealous employee's enthusiastic response to sticking on the pretty yellow name labels and shooting the newly addressed envelopes etc. into the mailing chute...

But how careless can one get?

The first 2 wrongly redirected pieces of post should, indeed, have been delivered to 4th St. E, but a couple of blocks over from our old house.

And the man's first name was not "Randall", "Lauralea", "Hillary", "Thomas", or "Micah".

Neither was his last name "Friesen".


Today's post was not even from someone who lives on 4th St. E. It was from a lady, no relation, with a name not remotely like any of ours, who resides at a house on Bowerman Cres. In the same area,  yes, but I don't think "4th St. E." and "Bowerman Cres." are at all similar. Do you?!

I'm hoping that it is not necessary to find a number for, and contact the Postmaster General.

Let's just find out who needs an eye exam in the sorting room, shall we?

And, maybe, don't let it happen again.


  1. The Canada Post website claims they're the cheapest & most efficient mail delivery in the world (or something to that effect). I didn't get that claim.

    The US Post dosn't charge for mail forwarding (it didn't even cost for us to get it forwarded to Canada--I think it was over $100 to get it forwarded from Canada to the US). They also work 6 days a week.

  2. Of course, the US Post has its issues, too.

  3. Oi. Y'know, there are plenty of reasons this could be happening, but none of them could ever pass as excuses. A good chance that some term or relief employees are somewhere in the loop, though.

    There is no Postmaster General in Canada. Try the contact info on this page:
    And note that there is a contact for an Ombudsman if you're not happy.

    Good luck.