Saturday, November 22, 2008

Multi-Grain Jam Twists

Don't those sound good?

Well, let me tell you.

Not good.


We have overnight company coming, so I thought I'd make a dozen cinnamon buns for breakfast tomorrow morning. Then I thought of making some twisty buns with jam. Then I thought- "Why should the sugar addicts have all the fun?! I'll make the twisty jam buns with multi-grain dough!"

And so I did.

I mixed up a batch of Multi-Grain Bread,  then after the first rising divided it into 16 pieces. I rolled each piece into a rope, then twisted it into a knot. After they were baked I put a teaspoon of jam in the "hole" part of each knot, (I used some no-sugar-added cherry jam I made this summer) and gave them a drizzle of icing sugar glaze.


SO good.

: )

Like a multi-grain cherry danish.



  1. OK, sounds really good. I may have to try - however likely can't do the multigrain bread thing as I have an anaphalactic reaction to oats and people do insist on sneaking them into things called "multigrain". However, part of the joy of cooking is attempting various substitutions.

  2. I have never known anyone as passionate about baking healthy foods as you are.

    I am sorry I'm not a sweets person. Seems a sad miscalculation by the one who brought us together.


    But I love your buns.