Friday, November 21, 2008

There Was An Old Lady Who (almost) Swallowed A Fly

Ah, the weekend.

There's nothing like spending a few relaxing hours building a new Sims2 house,

Drinking tea and having a slice of Safeway Christmas cake.

Nothing like it.

Until you go to rinse out your cup.

The cup you've been drinking from all evening.

The cup that's been emptied to the dregs.

And as you lift the cup to the water coming forth from the faucet,

You realize, with sickening horror,

That the little "flake of black" that you ignored when you poured out the last bit of tea from the pot, thinking it was a bit of tea build-up from the side of the pot

Was NOT in fact any such thing.

For, as you look, for the first time since you've been drinking tea all evening, into the bottom of your cup,

You see

A perfectly formed



Sitting on the bottom of your cup.

Quite dead, yes.

Drowned most likely.

But there.

In the bottom of your cup.

Port seemed a good medicinal way to kill any drowned, dead fly germs.

I may not drink tea for a few days.


  1. H`mm I wonder Lauralea, that fly incident,could it be a gentle [or not so gentle] reminder to get busy with you`re book??...just wondering..Mom F

  2. That is icky. Glad you were spared. What will you drink without tea?

  3. If you had only swished around the last bit of tea in the bottom and downed it, you would have been none the wiser.:-)

  4. it must have been the fly on the window from the other day... (

  5. I could tell a story of a very large blowfly and a church stew..... but that was a while ago.

    Tea is lethal to flies. You're safe.