Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tweet, Tweet

So, the other day I was asking Randall about Twitter.

Well, he was telling me about a famous British Actor/Comedian that he "follows" who Twitters.

I asked how a person could see that.

This morning I opened my email to about 10 Twitter messages.

"So and So" is "following" you on Twitter.

"So and So" is "following" you on Twitter.


Then the official Twitter notification, saying "hurrah you've signed up with Twitter".

THEN the email from the Husband letting me know he signed me up, and informing me of my user-name and password.


I looked at it a bit this afternoon, but I think I will "get" Twitter less than I "get" Facebook.

I mean, I "GET" it, in that it appears to be a sort of Stream-of-Consciousness Blogging; Instead of sitting down to write one post of substance, a person just shoots out a thought at a time. And the people who are interested in what you're thinking can "follow" your thoughts throughout the day.

But, I think it might require more of me than I'm interested in giving. I don't know. We'll see.

As one person rattling around in this big house by myself all day, I can see the beauty of having an outlet for those random thoughts that I amuse myself with. But, honestly... I don't know if I can commit to Twitter.

When I write a blog post, I've usually thought about it for most of the day. (unless I'm writing in the middle of the night because I've had too much coffee, or the cough syrup hasn't kicked in yet)

I think that for the most part I'll be peeking a bit, to see what y'all have "twitted", but I don't know how much Tweeting of my own I'll do.

But we'll see.


  1. Yeah, it sounds too time consuming & my thoughts are seldom limited to a few senences.

  2. Your Twittering has been good so far!! :) I enjoy knowing what people are up to (the nosy side of me...)