Monday, November 17, 2008

I Concede. Victory To The Flu Shot

Perhaps that ol' shot in the arm has helped, after all.

It may be a little premature, but I am pretty sure that I'm starting to get better. Which, for me, is an unusual, if good, thing. The last time I had a similar malady, I was struck down for several weeks, and couldn't kick it without antibiotics.

At least my face doesn't hurt as much anymore, which indicates that the sinuses may not be getting infected, as per usual.

And with the Nightime DM formula cough syrup I  slept better.

After the Expectoration Hour, first thing this morning, I anticipate a less hacking day than yesterday. It doesn't feel quite as tight.

Now. If my eyes aren't running like they were so I can apply a little make-up, I might even be a convincing non-convalescent so I can go on the Camrose outing today.

Here's hoping, anyway.

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