Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Day Just Got 100% More Relaxed

Thanks to the weather.

We were supposed to be at a Ministerial Lunch in Wetaskiwin today. But it snowed all night, covering the weekend's freezing rain. More freezing rain in the forecast for this afternoon, at least in the city.

Here, it's a whiter story, so far.

Snowing and blowing.

Makes inside seem a much nicer place to be!

So, we're going to give the lunch a miss.

I'm not in the least disappointed.

I'll mix up a loaf of bread for supper instead.

And make some more cookies.

And turn the thermostat up so the gas fireplace is burning.

And have another cup of tea.

That's what this day  needs.

Another dose of Cozy.

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