Monday, December 8, 2008

That's Better

Classic Christmas music instead of "Gunsmoke".

The gas fire was going when I came into the kitchen this morning. And after I plugged in the Christmas tree lights and the island's garland, it was very pretty and cozy in here.

Micah's getting too good at getting upstairs with less than 20 minutes to eat breakfast and get out the door to catch the bus. I'm getting too good at instant porridge.

This week promises to be a busy one. Baking to start for real. Gifts to wrap. A few envelopes to get in the mail. The library books are probably due too. Seems to me that my 10 day menu plan expires tomorrow...

Lots to do.

And my "thorn in the flesh"/ cough in the chest is just fluctuating enough that I can't decide if I should take it to a professional. It's irritating, yes, but it's still moving. As in it hasn't congealed into a hard lump where my lungs are. And I haven't really been feverish. Which makes me think my body might be able to take care of it yet. If I don't have to have antibiotics, I don't want them. I'd rather save them for something really bad. More rest would help. I'm a bad rest-er.

But I like the decorating I've done. I spent over an hour "fluffing" out the fake tree's branches when I set it up, and  I don't think it's ever looked this good. The new new lights fill up the spaces admirably, leaving me 2 sets of last year's tree lights to put somewhere else. All very fun.

We announced our "Open House" on Sunday. I'm going to keep it simpler this year. "Cookies and Cider" type thing. Well, as simple as I can ever keep anything...

The two kids who were expected this weekend are planning to head East first, so we won't actually have them until next weekend. This might be good, as Micah still has a couple weeks of school, and he has a tendency to be distracted by his siblings. For some reason he thinks playing and visiting is more interesting than homework and going to bed on time. Go figure.

I'll be rediscovering Christmas this year. Some of our "traditions" need to be revisited. An opportunity to make some new memories. I kind of think it will be nice to be walking over to the church for the Christmas Eve service, and then just coming home to maybe a relaxed evening of games or movies. And I'm still thinking through what a Christmas day that doesn't involve the 3 hours of travel time looks like. We haven't had Christmas day at home since we moved from Winnipeg. There will be some sadness, I expect, but I hope there will be a level of relaxation, comfort and refreshment as well.

And now I need to decide how to attack this day. I vaguely remember hearing the phone ring at 12:30, from the verges of consciousness. I'm sure I thought I should ask who had phoned when he came to bed, but by then I must have been completely comatose. (his just-before-bed post gives me a clue...)

So, do I go back to bed to sleep a little more? Do I go make noise in the bathroom by having a shower and getting on with the day? Should I get out the Christmas gifts and wrap them while he catches up on his sleep a little?

I'll either wrap gifts or make more tea and play a computer game. Unless there's a good old movie on...


  1. Hope the day is unfolding in a warm way. Christmas in your neck of the woods sounds a lot like you are consecrating your home. Hard work on so many levels I'm sure - it will be interesting to see how you perceive this time in a few years from now.

    Mean time, I hope the cough etc decide to flee - a congealed chest sounds grim. (Although I'm not sure what to make of my original typo of a 'concealed chest' !)

  2. Enjoy your day...whether busy or relaxed.
    Glad to hear your cold is not worse - get well asap.

  3. Oh, I will miss your open house. It was such a fun time!

  4. Then... just come!

    : )

    Bring sleeping bags. There's lots of room in the basement! Can't promise beds, but with an air mattress you wouldn't be too uncomfortable!

    'Course, it's just going to be cookies and cider this year... not as big a deal as the last few years... but bring Pattie and Lana and Barb... your kids if you want... husbands... we'll make it a big ol' slumber party!

    I'll get up early to make cinnamon buns for breakfast.

    : )