Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Week. A New Month. A New Holiday.

Happy December.

No snow yet, but if the forecast is to be believed that may change.

I have several pressing projects to get to this week:

I need to get some Christmas decorating done,

I need to have the Christmas shopping finished

So I can get the Christmas parcels ready to put in the mail,

And I need to come up with a devotional for the Ladies' Christmas party on Thursday.

We're supposed to be heading into Edmonton (hopefully NOT to That Mall ) to take care of the shopping.

If we're successful, it will make the parcel aspect of my list doable.

And as for decorating, well, that just involves actually going downstairs to haul out the tree and decoration boxes.

The other thing has been running around in my head since they asked me, as the new Pastor's Wife, to consider giving the devotional.

I'm not sure what I'll talk about yet.

I've considered making it really long and rambling, with no point whatsoever. A 45 minute discourse might be the way to go if I never want to be asked again...

: )

Unfortunately I have too much pride for that, so I will be attempting to come up with something pertinent and poignant.

Maybe the Christmas story from my Glasgow Bible read with a Scottish accent...

Probably not.

: )

For now, Monday morning is calling.

"Hey, lard butts! Let's get going!"

I think that's what it said...


  1. I dare you to start the devotional with "Hey, lard butts ! Let's get going !"

    It would be memorable, and maybe poignant and I'm sure you could follow it up with something inspirational about the urgency of Advent.....

    Or you could just say "Go on, go on, go on"

  2. Per'aps I'll just go have a cup o' tea, Father.

    : )

  3. Which reminds me, I must book a lip wax....