Friday, January 16, 2009

Biting The Bullet... Sucking It Up... Taking The Bull By The Horns...

It's time.

It's gotta be done.

Can't put it off anymore.

Well... technically I could ...

But it's been a little more than three months since my last Hemoglobin A1c test...

So I'm going to see a Doctor.

The guy that saw Micah's throat is taking patients, and Randall and Micah both liked the look of him, and he's at a Clinic, which is nice in case of a minor emergency.


I spent half an hour looking up all my old Doctors and Surgeons in the Prince Albert phone dirctory that I brought along.

I leave, in about 45 minutes, armed with Doctor/address/phone number lists, my last container of Metformin and my stomach a bit nervy.

This is one part of the moving process I haven't been looking forward to.

Especially as I suspect that my Hemoglobin A1c test isn't going to be as good as the last one was...

I don't think it will be terrible, but I suspect that the highs have been a little higher and the lows a little lower. The average will probably be on the higher end of the acceptable scale.

But that's probably just Christmas talking.

Ah, well.

I should fire up the oven so I can bake the bread before we leave.

I should also round up the blouse I'm returning to Walmart in case there's time to stop before we come home.

At least it's warm out.

Not to rub our +4 C degree day in anyone's face...

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