Friday, January 16, 2009

Well... That Turned Out To Be A Non Event

Randall dropped me off at the Clinic shortly after 1:00.

At 1:25 I sent him a text message to say I was finished.

I filled out the patient information sheet- pretty much just name, address, and phone and health card numbers.

Then I waited for awhile.

I was called to an examining room and the Doctor came in almost right away. We basically established that I only need to have the A1c blood test every 6 months, but I will get the blood work done in a few weeks so he has a "base line" to start with.

He's not too worried about getting my charts from P.A.

We didn't talk about all my surgeries or what's been going on.

I did suggest that my Doctor had been monitoring my thyroid hormone levels since the partial lobectomy in February.


So, a couple of weeks and I'll head up to the hospital for some needling. He suggested going after 10:00 in the morning, because all the old people are lined up 3 deep first thing in the morning. Apparently.

And then I'll go and get my prescription renewed.


Steady as she goes for a while yet.

At least I'm on the books somewhere.

Now to get the Alberta Medical coverage happening before the Saskhealth runs out...


  1. Well, obviously he didn't put you in the old category. He got that right at least.

  2. The provincial health plans will coordinate themselves. I believe Sask Health will cover you for 6 months after you move, then Alberta Health takes over. At least that's the way it works between MB and SK.