Monday, January 19, 2009

On A Clear Day, Rise And Look Around You

(And you'll see who you are... A good song that my short lived High School Jazz choir sang, which comes from a movie with a fairly strange premise...)

All that to say, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, I'm sure the birds are singing...

What will today bring?

When Micah asked what my plans for today were, I told him I had suggested to Dad that we go out for lunch. To the Olive Garden.

So, really, it's anybody's guess what's up for today.

At the rate I'm moving a mid morning nap might be required.

I hate napping, though, so I expect I'll just muddle through, as I usually do.

Hey- has anyone noticed the new "page" at the top? "What's Cooking"?  I'm attempting to keep it updated. Just for fun.

And now the dirty dishes are calling... "Put us in the dishwasher! Put us in the dishwasher!" 

And after that who knows. We're still looking for a writing desk, I think. Maybe Himself would be up for a Second Hand Store cruise to Edmonton. We haven't been to the Value Village since the Saturday before Halloween... I think I'm nearly recovered enough to give it a try again...


  1. did you get to value village? I love that place

  2. Well... it was Camrose, not Edmonton, and Smitty's, not Olive Garden... but we had a good day, I think. No writing desk yet, but some fun poking around the Camrose... uh, Mall... and Zellers and WalMart.

    : )

  3. I picked up a writing desk last summer at Zellers. It was the floor model and they were not getting any more of this style in so I got it for a steal. Had a couple little dings but it is just what I wanted. I'm glad I took the time to hunt down what I had in mind. Hope you find just the right one too.

  4. I'm noticing the new page and wishing you or someone would teach me how to add such wonderful pages to my blog!! I have recipes that i would love to share and all kinds of ideas, but no know how....!

  5. I like this "what's cooking" page. Good stuff.

  6. mmmm...olive garden. Seems that every time I'm in calgary or edmonton I intend to stop there, to no avail.