Monday, January 12, 2009

In Which We Have Evening Prayers And I Get All Verklempt

I thought of you all tonight during the prayer meeting at church... of meeting at Lowell and Jodine's, and reading and discussing and laughing and praying... of being "Cat-licked", and sitting in the gazebo while the sun set... and of meeting at Marc & Dixie's later... I missed you, Melody and Tammy, and Lowell and Jodine and Marc and Dixie and Peggy and Lisa, and Meg and Karen... it was a good meeting, tonight....but then Randall handed out the Evening Prayer sheets, and as soon as I saw, I knew I was in trouble... that was always my favourite part of our small group meeting- the Celtic evening prayer... and as we spoke the words tonight I thought of you... when we got to the "Lord I lift up.... Lord hear our prayers" the tears couldn't be restrained... I think Randall felt it too, because he prayed for "our friends, far away".... it's the first time since we've moved that I've prayed that prayer in community... it will probably always make me think of y'all... I'm sure it won't always make me cry...


  1. Miss you too. Makes me think we need to get our act together and start up the group again, in whatever form that takes. Did a lot of growing and felt a lot of love in that small group of ours.

  2. Yeah, I miss you guys, too. Wonderful times, those "bible studies" for lack of a better expression. Take care in the field.

  3. I got a little teary-eyed reading that post.

    Thanks, Lauralea. We miss you guys, too.