Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Is Finished

You'll be thinking I've got a Messiah complex with a title like that, but in spite of my God-like ability to make something out of nothing...


Today is nearly done.

My part in it anyway.

Two tea dates this morning, before, during and after which I mixed, rose and baked 2 loaves of white bread.

Then Junior High Dive this afternoon, (Youth group for the Junior High aged kids), for which I mixed, rose and baked (in the church kitchen ovens) 4 dozen cinnamon buns. I made a pot (I mean POT ) of hot chocolate for it too. Did you know that it takes a whole 750g container of hot chocolate mix (plus 3 cups of skim milk powder, but don't tell the kids) to make 30 cups of hot chocolate.

Too bad half the kids were missing!The cinnamon buns didn't notice, though. When I left the kitchen ten minutes ago, I cut the remaining 3 cinnamon buns in half, for the six boys who came today to share.

Six boys and three dozen cinnamon buns.


(Yes, I know I said I baked 4 dozen, but 1 dozen was for Randall at home. I'll serve them for breakfast and then put what's left in the freezer for another day.)

And I had planned to skip the In Town prayer meeting tonight so Micah wouldn't be home alone several days this week. Then I found out that he is one of the boys going for some three on one time with the Youth Leader after Youth Group tonight, so that excuse is gone.

Plan B, which was accepted, is to put tonight's poached salmon on ice until tomorrow night, and go into town early for supper.

So, it feels like it's been a productive day.

The dishes are even done.

And supper is mostly made for tomorrow.

And I've only got about ten minutes to fix my hair and put on some lipstick.

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