Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Been A Hard Day's Night, And I Been Working Like A Dog

Today was grocery day.

I mean GROCERY day.

I'm talking three hours this morning to make a menu, then two hours of pushing the cart around Superstore, then half an hour standing in line, unloading the cart, bagging the groceries and reloading the cart.

Then three hours of unloading the van, sorting and storing the groceries, repackaging the meat for individual meals, grating cheese, cabbage, and a carrot, and slicing pepperoni.

I was also able to get breakfast cleaned up and make and clean up supper, although I missed lunch. The apple and granola bar I ate on the way to town didn't quite tide me over, and I confess that by the time supper was served I was sugar-low grouchy.


I don't like grocery day.

I feel like I was run over by that uber-loaded grocery cart.

At least I won't have to do this again for another two and a half or three weeks.

And I happened to find a shelf full of double boilers there.

3 quart double boilers for $14.99.

I've been looking for one. The only other one I've seen EVER, since I've been looking, was at Stokes. It was on sale- from $79.99, to $49.99.

A double boiler will make cooking delicate things on the gas stove much easier.

So that made me glad.

I'm also glad tomorrow is Saturday.

I'm turning off the alarm.


  1. I can't help you with the groceries, b/c you're way more of a pro than I am (a menu? I'm impressed), but I CAN help you with your gas stove. If you can't quite get the heat low enough, take one of the unused burner covers and stack it on top of the burner you're using. It looks a little precarious (stack carefully), but it works like a charm. It's the only way I can cook rice without burning it.

  2. Thank you. GOOD idea. I will certainly try that the next time I make rice!

    I think rice pudding or tapioca will still be easier in the double boiler so I don't have to stand over it.

    But MOST excellent suggestion.

    : )