Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It

On our way home from supper in Edmonton last night we decided it might be a nice thing to swing by Tim's and get Micah an Iced Cappuccino.

I was elected to fetch it, since I thought I might like a coffee to keep my hands warm during the last leg of our journey.

Not thinking, (well, thinking, but comparing, in my head, the iced-cap sizes to the coffee cup sizes) I ordered him a large one.

With whipped topping and chocolate shavings, or whatever it is they put on those.

When I was presented with the thing, I gasped in shock, wonder and dismay, at the very tall plastic cup with the cone shaped lid, full to overflowing with whipped topping.

Honestly, they had filled the thing to the top, and then added another 2 or 3 inches on top of the lid for good measure.

I wondered, (if I actually made it to the van...) how it would survive the next 25 minutes in a heater blasted cup holder.

Randall wondered too.

"I'm keeping an eye on it", I said, when he remarked that it was going to start melting down the side any minute.

Well... all through town, no problem.

To the first turnoff... no problem.

I watched it, all the way home, as I sipped my coffee, and there was no sign of movement, meltage or slippage.

Micah was pleased, but after all that he said he wasn't really a fan of the whipped topping, so I suggested he just scrape what was on the top of the cup into the sink.


This morning?

I noticed a white ball of something there when I went to fill the kettle.

The whipped topping lives.

It also would seem, upon further inspection, that the topping that was left at the bottom of the cup is still there. In fine form.

What is this stuff made of?!

Frankly, I find it a little creepy... and I'm glad he didn't ingest it!

Tim Horton's Coffee chains might not be poised to take over the world,

But we might want to keep an eye on that whipped topping.

I wouldn't put world domination motivations beyond the realm of it's possibilities...


  1. I tried some of their 'whipped topping' this summer and falsely assumed that it would be whipped cream (like Starbucks). It is pretty nasty stuff. Worse than Cool Whip :P

  2. Oh, boy that's my favorite part of my winter's treat - a mocha from Timmy's. But now......

  3. The Starbucks stuff doesn't hold up nearly as well... which is a good thing!

  4. one time when I was a kid, we had a mcD's ice cream cone that got left on the counter, and instead of melting, it basically turned to styrofoam.

    Beth, that's cuz starbucks uses the real deal.