Thursday, February 5, 2009

Give ME The Cold Shoulder, Will You!

I've decided that the thing one of the things I've been missing most about Randall since he's been gone is his thoughtfulness with regards to standing between me and the cold shoulder.

Oh- don't get overprotective or anything; it's no person that's been giving me "the cold shoulder" since He went away...

It's the shower.

Usually Randall wraps a washcloth around the shower head before I shower in the morning, so I can turn the shower on from outside it and let the water get hot before I get in, without having it splash out the doors and make a mess.

Of course, this was the second morning since he's been gone... so, the second morning getting in before the water's been heated up...

The longest, coldest 10 seconds of the week.



  1. I totally sympathize. We fortunately have one of those plastic hand held types that swivel and it can be swiveled away from the curtains, allowing me to run the water till those cold ten seconds are past.

  2. You can't turn your shower head to spray towards the wall until it warms up?

  3. It is. Trouble is, the shower head is in the middle of the wall, the door opens right in front of it. It's turned away as far as it goes. Obviously that would have been the first thing to do. The head makes a lovely big spray- wonderful when you're showering, just hard to get around when you're trying to turn it on surreptitiously.

  4. Dawna,

    She's too short to reach it and turn it away.

    That's the real problem here.

    She's too short.

  5. But we already turned it as far as it can be turned.

    And yes.

    I have been, and continue to be, too short.