Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Officially A Little Ticked

10 days ago we bought a new set of sheets for our bed.

Not the most expensive, but still, not the cheapest.

I washed them up last week and decided to wait until today to make the bed with them.

So they've been washed, and sitting, nicely folded, on the shelf in our bedroom for a week.

I stripped the bed today, and while the old sheets were washing went to make the bed up again.


I can BARELY get three corners on, but the 4th corner?


MAN that ticks me off.

Now I have to decide if I should put them back in the packaging and try to return/exchange them, or just keep them for the double bed and buy a whole new set.

Do I go with a King size set for our Queen sized bed?!

Do I double the price and try another style that might be better fitted?

Did they fit until I washed them?!

It just really bugs me.

Stupid sheet.

I shouldn't be posting when I'm ticked off... I know it won't last long. I know I'll cool off and be all "yeah, whatever" in a bit.

But right now, I'm not even motivated to iron the pillow cases before I shove them back in the container.

Stupid sheet.


  1. Return them, and buy better-quality sheets. We'll go sheet-shopping next weekend!

  2. Were they deep pocket sheets?

  3. Deep pocket, Queen sized, and now returned.

    I'll try again.

  4. I bought all the sheets for the cottage at Value Village to go on on the new deep pocketed mattresses we bought for out there. Usually about 5.99/sheet and they are in great shape! Once they are washed, I figure its no different than sleeping in a hotel anyways.