Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And A Happy, Snowy St. Patty's Day To Ya

It's more gray than green out there today, but even as I type this (fake Irish accent resounding in my head, and Celtic music queued up on the CD player) I'm trying to get into the spirit of the day.

The Boy had his traditional "Lucky Charms" for breakfast... I'm enjoying my special oatmeal... Himself will have a wee bacon sandwich as soon as his bacon is cooked...

I sent the Boy a lovely green lunch today: Kiwi/fruity green Jell-O, peanut butter and jam sandwiches on the greenest hot dog buns you could ever wish to see (compliments of the Safeway bakery), a lovely green Granny Smith apple, all the green (and yellow- quantity control) candy picked out of some jelly bean type candies left over from Christmas that I found at the back of the drawer, a wee Turtle chocolate (because it's in a green wrapper) and a raspberry breakfast bar in case the sandwiches aren't enough (likewise, because it's in a green wrapper).

For supper it will be cream of potato soup  and potato rolls- sorry Thomas... (it's his favourite).

The soup was started last night. All I have to do with it is put it into the pot and add the cream and some spices. I made a batch of potato rolls last night, which- if I had remembered them at all stages of their progress- would have turned out fantastic. As it was, I let them rise a bit too long after they were shaped into rolls... and then I forgot them in the oven and they got a bit crispy...

So there's a new batch of rolls rising in the oven. I'm about to go check them for rise-ability. I'm hoping to have them in and out of the oven before my friend comes to fetch me at 10:00. At least in the oven. Randall could take them out for me if they've at least started baking before I leave.

The two challenges of the day have become being ready for the after school things (knitting lesson, supper) before I go out, and talking with the fake Irish accent all day.

Micah doesn't think I can do it. (talk like a wee leprechaun) so I have something to prove.

My friend might be driven mad by it, but you never know. Maybe she'll just earn a better seat in heaven.

And so, from the snowy field, I'll wish you a happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Grace and Peace to you.

(ah. "no misspellings found". 'twill be a good day indeed.)

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  1. what! the potato soup here isn't anything like yours, no spice or kick. but they did dye it green today.