Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are We There Yet?!

After zipping to town to get some groceries and coming home for dinner and a movie with Hillary last Monday night, then driving through the snowstorm to get to Calgary and getting home late on Tuesday night, then taking Hillary and Micah out for supper in Edmonton before getting Hillary to the airport and rushing home for a meeting that he missed on Wednesday night, and then doing laundry and baking all day and then collapsing on Thursday night, and then spending two and a half hours at Micah's school for the dessert and silent auction night on Friday evening, and then getting ready for Sunday and going to the High School Band fundraiser in Wetaskiwin on Saturday night, and then ripping to Sherwood Park to get Thomas to his ride back to school and then losing a couple hours at the fabric store and/or Future shop and stopping for supper in Wetaskiwin on the way home after church on Sunday, and then finishing the tidying and getting snack for the Junior youth group started and having overnight company on Monday night, and then going with the company to Camrose for breakfast and then picking up some groceries on the way home to finish the Junior Youth snack and prepare for the first knitting lesson and then going quickly into Wetaskiwin for a speedy burger before the High school open house/ orientation tonight...

All I can say is, that after the book group tomorrow morning I'm not promising anything.

I'll try to answer all the emails, and I'll try to get the moccasin patterns copied and sent out, and I'll try to remember to phone Alberta health to check on the status of our coverage...

Or I'll just take a very long nap.


  1. Wow. That's craziness. A nap is very much in order. ('Course a nap is ALWAYS in order in my books.)


  2. Slow down. You are making me dizzy.

  3. Moccasin pattern? Did you say moccasin pattern? As in leather (I've done that already) or those nice denim moccasins I've seen at craft sales?