Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Give Me A Home Where Stiff Winter Winds Moan

And the snow keeps the school bus away.

There'll be no going out, but there isn't a doubt

That I'll gladly enjoy a snow day.


Home, home in the field, when winter's cold wrath is revealed,

The snow drifts get higher but we'll stoke up the fire

And stay warm until this storm's repealed.


  1. If I was in the field today, we'd have a cup of (non-black) tea together and you could read chapter 2 of Harry Potter to me.

    I'm going to sit by our fireplace tonight. So why don't you call and read it to me over the phone? :)

  2. Now there's an idea...

    : )

  3. Well, I'm home all night and the kids will be in bed in 20 minutes... just so you know. :)

  4. Love your song!! Hope you enjoyed your snow day. I was really hoping for one today (you must have sent the snow this way!) but when we got up, the sun was shining beautifully! (Even though there is PILES of the white stuff!)