Friday, March 6, 2009

Waiting For The Caffeine To Take Effect

Yesterday was a day designed to engender cozy puttering.

Perfect for getting those five loads of laundry done. Excellent for baking flat bread for supper. Lovely for kicking back a bit in the evening and enjoying the fireplace then bed.

And today is a cooler, crisper, brighter day that makes me hover between restless un-ambition and sloth.

And today I haven't really done a whole lot to justify my existence yet.

Maybe it's just the week catching up with me; we did the run to Calgary on Tuesday, and a quick trip into Edmonton on Wednesday. Tonight there's a fundraiser at Micah's school, and tomorrow night another at the Wetaskiwin high school.

Maybe it's just the month catching up with me; we've had overnight company every weekend since Feb. 13th. (Hmm... Friday the 13th... should that ominous date have sounded warning bells?) and also longer term guests 2 weeks out of 4.

It's all been good, don't get me wrong. And if any of our company were to randomly suggest they should come back this weekend or next I'd say, "Yes! DO come!"

But it's tiring.

At least I think I'm beginning to feel the effects of the iron pills. I've been very careful about making sure I take them properly and consistently.

But I'm still easily pooped out.

In so many ways.


I should go put the cookie dough in the cold storage room to chill. (Umm... No. Using the Kitchen Aid to mix up cookies doesn't really qualify as work...)

And then I could do another quick kitchen tidy (Ditto with using the dishwasher to "do the dishes")

I suppose I could try out the mop-thing I bought for cleaning the bathtub.

Or I could just give up and find a warm corner to knit in. Or get the fireplace going and pop in a Bob Hope movie. And knit.

Or "mix up" some chocolate chip cookies. I'm bringing the snack for Micah's youth group on Tuesday and we'll have a favourite Aunt and Uncle stopping in Monday for the night, so I was thinking of just making cookies that could go in the freezer and be taken out "fresh" Tuesday in time for snack over there. So I don't have to stress about it Tuesday after lunch.

Yes. I know.

There are ever so many things I could do.

AND I know that I have the luxury of being able to decide when I will do these things.

I am fully aware that if I had a "real" job, I'd have been SO fired by now.

: )


  1. You crack me up!

    It's your planning-ahead-mind that ALWAYS gets me when I read your stuff. I really want to be more like that. You inspire me!!

  2. I'd have been fired long before you! :)

  3. If you had a "real" job you would buy the cookies and you would not be home to enjoy either the company or the fireplace, knitting and the quiet. And the world would be no better off and you might still be just as tired.

    Looking forward to when my real job involves more of what you do so well. Then I will have to come to you for lessons.