Monday, March 9, 2009

The Domino Effect

Micah had a craving last night, and while I don't indulge everyone's cravings willy-nilly, I did accommodate this one, because he wanted some chocolate chip cookie dough, and I was planning to make chocolate chip cookies today anyway.

But I've also been meaning to try out the Gluten-free flour substitute I found in the "Living Without" magazine.

So before I mixed up the regular cookies, I mixed up half a batch replacing all purpose flour with the appropriate amounts of rice, tapioca and corn flour. And Guar Gum.

After Internet checking that "Soy Lecithin" and Safeway Baking Powder were on the gluten free foods list, I got ready to mix up the dough.

Then I remembered that I used the last of my brown sugar the other day when I made the oatmeal cookies.

Back to the Internet to see if there was a "recipe" for adding molasses to white sugar as a substitute for brown sugar.

Done. (1 Tablespoon molasses per cup of white sugar)

Then I realized I didn't have any molasses.

Out came the tin of black treacle I bought in Scotland 2 summers ago. Still looking good. No mold or growths of any kind. Honest.


Thinking of nothing else that could be substituted, I mixed up the gluten free chocolate chip cookies and baked them.

I think that flour mix will work alright, once I get the amounts correct. (the first attempt spread all over the pan. Micah didn't mind, as I let him eat the experiment.)

So, that might be today.

Cookie baking.

It's a good day for it. Cold and grey and snowy looking out there.

A good day to fire up the oven and make happy smells.


  1. I didn't know you were doing gluten-free. I did that for 7 years or so for my son; maybe we should compare notes (I have a great bread recipe!).

    I was also trying to make cookies last night, but had no eggs - so was making some with molasses, but had only 1/4 of the molasses needed. All of the other egg-free recipes I had called for oats (which I have an anaphylactic reaction to); so I put on my coat to walk to the grocery store, then realized it was 6:05 and the store closed at 6. So finally I gave up. I now have a huge bowl of partially assembled dough on my counter.

  2. Not for me. : ) There are several gluten-free people at church. One of the boys at youth group has an allergy, so I thought it only right and proper to try to come up with some cookies that he can eat!

    I have had a request for a basic gluten free muffin mix, though. Any recipes to share? Email me. : )

  3. I think I figured out why those muffin pans are so bad....they are from Ikea. Not the world's authority on baking!!

  4. I've been thinking my son might bennefit from a gluten-free diet - they say it makes a difference with some who have autism. Now's a fine time to start changing his diet...when he's 25 years old. Think I'll have some objection?!

    I applaud you Lauralea for keeping on with the substitutions...I would have packed it in nearly from the first challenge. Cheers to you!