Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bob's Red Mill Wins Again

I have been losing some of my interest in "Kitchen Creating" lately.

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it was a pain in the butt... well, mostly the finger... but it was also a challenge.

I started experimenting with my favourite recipes to make them Diabetes friendly. I enjoyed the challenge and rose to it.

But, as with all chronic conditions, it's gotten a little dreary. A little too much hassle some days to cook for just me.

Since we've moved, I've been introduced to gluten-free cooking and baking. There are several people at church who can't tolerate gluten.

And the Conquering Spirit has been revived.

First it was gluten-free cookies for open house and youth group snack.

Today it was blueberry muffins.

I saw "Bob's Red Mill Biscuit & Baking Mix" at Safeway the other day, and I picked up a bag.

It has a recipe for pancakes and biscuits on the package, and it says to "use in your favourite recipes that call for baking mix..."

So I did.

The muffins had a slightly different taste, the way whole wheat products taste different from white flour things, but they turned out really well. Nice consistency, nicely risen.

And, so I give you:

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins.

Three cheers for Bob's Red Mill!


  1. I think you were a big part of my inspiration to try and lose some weight and though I do not have to worry about diabetes, your adaptations of recipes, caused me to stop and think of how I could eat more healthily.

    I guess even good things lose their excitement when one realizes that one must continue with a good thing forever. That, I think is what eating more healthily will be like around here for the rest of our lives.

  2. Bob's Red Mill had a booth at the tradeshow this weekend. I got some recipe books, a "bowl scraper" and a chip clip with their name on it. Neat, hey?