Saturday, April 4, 2009

In The Club


I finally got the parcel pick up notice indicating that my Disney movies might actually be here.


January 9.

That was the day I got the email confirming that my application was good and my initial start-up order was being processed. I could expect my introductory movies in 4-6 weeks.

Fully 2 months later I emailed asking if I'd missed something... besides the arrival of my movies...

Oh! They'd had a problem with my credit card number. Someone had put the number in wrong (at their end. Not me.) But they've fixed it and NOW I can expect my movies in 4-6 weeks.

(Good Grief. And they were going to tell me WHEN ?!)

Yesterday, just about 3 months after joining the club, the parcel notice was here, and it looks like my first movies have come.


Joining movie clubs or book clubs or music clubs is not something I do willy-nilly. I've looked over the little Double Day Book Club and Columbia House Movie Club flyers that come in the mail thinking, "if I were to sign up with this, are there even 6 movie or book titles I'd want to pick from this list?" I think I went online once and thought a little more seriously about Columbia House when I found many of my favourite classic movies in their archives.

But this is the first time I've ever actually joined up.

When we cleaned house for the move last fall, we decided to give away our collection of Disney and VeggieTale Videos. I have a friend in Ministry with two small children, and for a few years I'd been lending our videos out more than we'd been watching them. So I brought over a couple of bags of movies and shows. They were more than delighted.

I made a list of the videos I'd given away with a view to replacing them eventually with DVDs.

But looking at the price of (especially) Disney movies, I began to consider the movie club. When a "join the Disney movie club now!" pamphlet apeared in our mail one day I took it as a Divine sign and started doing the math.

Oh, yes. I do the math.

And after figuring in all the angles, (choose 4 movies now for $2, no shipping and handling fees, and add a bonus movie for $15 that will count toward your future commitment, and add a second bonus for $X... then add the 5 other movies you have to buy at regular club price of $26, plus $6 shipping per movie...) it worked out to just less than $16 per movie. Which is a considerable saving over buying them at Future Shop or WalMart.

And now my first batch of Disney movies is here. I think we're looking at the 2 Toy Story movies, The Fox and the Hound, Robin Hood (my favourite!), The Aristocats (another fave), and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I've also got Pinocchio and "Melody Time" coming. (I believe that adding "Melody Time"- which was a family favourite that I taped from the Family Channel WAY back in the day- as an additional movie with the featured title [Pinocchio] brought down the overall price of each movie to $13 and change)

I'm planning to buy Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book yet, and then wait for Fantasia, which comes out of The Vault next March.

It's all very exciting. (but, as I keep telling you, it takes very little to excite me)

Maybe we'll do a Narnia Movie double feature tonight. (we were given Prince Caspian at Christmas).

MmHmm. Popcorn for dessert.

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