Sunday, April 5, 2009

"So If I Bought Fabric Could You Make Me A Suit Out Of It?"

"Depends. For when and out of what?"

"For whenever, out of white shimmery material."

"I probably could. White shimmery fabric would be a pain to sew into a suit but it could be done. What's the occasion?""

"To have a sweet white suit?"

"Only for you. I would charge anyone else $20 an hour to do such a thing. Are you thinking when you get home for summer?"

"Ya something like that, so you are willing to do it?"




So went the this evening's text message conversation.

It could be an interesting summer...


  1. Sounds like a real pain to sew - especially if it's a suit jacket.

  2. Wouldn't Randall like to wear it for Easter Sunday, though?


  3. If it's for sounds like an "Elvis"-type-impersonation thing...does he do a good Elvis??
    If it's for could be a beautiful thing. 'Hope it's for Hilary....