Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Ask

I learned, long ago, that people, when asked, will try to give you the answers to obviously asinine questions.

..."Who didn't close the door?"... "Who didn't shut off the lights?"... "Who didn't put the milk away?"...

(Obvious answers: Everyone/ Me/ Us.  We all didn't do it, that's why it's still open/on/out.)

After awhile you learn to rephrase the question... "Who was the last one in the house? Why didn't you close the door?"... "Who took out the milk? Why didn't you put it away?"

And really.

Who was the last one to leave the kitchen last night?

Why didn't you turn off the light?

When the answer to this, and other burning questions has been discovered,

I'll begin the Seminar: "Our Friend The Dishwasher. Making It Work For You."

To include workshops on: "Unloading The Dishwasher", "How The 'Rinse' Button Works And What It's Good For", and my personal favourite,  "The Island Shuffle; Sidestepping The Sink To Put Your Things In The Dishwasher".


  1. At least your "dishwasher" doesn't talk back too.

  2. From WIKI because I was to lazy to type it:
    "The company was in part named after Starbuck, a character in Moby-Dick, and its insignia is a stylized cartoon Siren."

    There's another story about a teacher named Mr. Starbuck who said the founder would never amount to anything, so he named the business after him. Sounds far-fetched to me and what does the mermaid/siren logo have to do with an old teacher?

    Oh my, the controversy that has surrounded the original siren logo because she's "revealing." Target would not allow the original logo siren cups to be in their stores when Starbucks switched back to the original logo a couple of years ago (the brown logo). Target stuck with the green, more "family friendly" logo.