Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In 48 Hours

I will (hopefully) have been on the road for a little over four hours.

Randall and I are going to the Annual Conference in Surrey.

Well, I should say Randall is going to the conference. I'm just going along for the ride. That's not to say I won't be at any of the meetings, but my primary motivation is our daughter and son-in-law who live just across the river in New Westminster.

It will be an interesting weekend; besides the 12-13 hour drive each way, The Husband and I have vastly different ideas about things like "breakfast while travelling" and "work vs relaxation while attending work related functions". But, as long as I keep in mind that he's working, and as long as I don't expect him to do too much relaxing with me, and as long as I don't make him spend $20 a day on breakfast... we'll get along just fine.

The other thing is, that my birthday is on Friday... and as we'll be in the Surrey area... and since some of you live around there or will be in town for the same conference... well- I'm thinking of holding court at the Hotel coffee shop or something (unless someone can suggest a nice pub or cafe), and if you're around and available, why don't you shoot me an email and I'll tell you where we're meeting. I'd love to meet you there. And if your birthday is coming up or has just passed, why, we can buy each other a... coffee or coke... and maybe splurge on a piece of cheesecake.

Meanwhile, I think the first load of laundry is done, and I have a serious list to make and then work through. I have less than 44 hours to be all ready...

And sometimes time flies faster when you're trying to get ready to have fun...

(bet you can't say that five times really fast!  ...sometimes time flies faster... sometimes time flies faster... sometimes time flies faster... sometimes time flies faster......)


  1. Tell me about it...not only myself to get ready, but the husband who can't seem to do it for himself. No to mention, packing son up to leave for the weekend...and book flight, and get to said flight on time. And then there's the mom who leaves on the bus and to get her there on time.
    And then the income tax stuff that keeps being requested and are in places I can't remember.
    And now we have two cats who need to be looked after while we're gone - who's idea was that, to get cats for heaven's sake!
    And then above-mentioned son is graduating from university and things have to be done for that...
    Oh my goodness!
    Only 44 hours you say??? Probably less by now. Yikes.

  2. Will definitely be at your BD party - only later...we're invited out for supper first. Let us know where.

  3. Let me know where the party is and I will do my best to be there. I guess we are staying at the same hotel. From what I heard anyway - Compass Point Inn?

  4. Since you'll probably be off line then, happy birthday for Friday. Have a good trip.

  5. Happy Birthday. Go somewhere nice and eat something good. Wish I could be there to celebrate (and eat something good). Hugs.