Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Wonder If The "New Normal"

Is just AB -normality.

Lately I find myself thinking the way I think when our life gets crazy,

When it's becoming one major event or situation to be lived through after another

In quick succession with very little down time between each one.

And yet the reality of our lives isn't exactly crazy.

Right now, tonight, I can think of six major events between now and the end of August.

Only six, and yet my mind is going all "Friday Randall goes to get the kids from school... and then next week I have to be ready to go to conference in Surrey, and they'll all be here without a vehicle... and then we'll have a couple of weeks before Hillary goes west and I go east for the summer and five days, respectively... and who'll get the beds ready for the long weekend company that are driving me home?... and then maybe it's off to Yellowknife... and then to Victoria..."

I guess it's just the next month that gets a little freaky.

And maybe it's not a bad thing, at this time of changing seasons.

It's at least a distraction while I wait for spring to finish happening.

But I keep waiting for the new normal to kick in

And I'm wondering if this is it...


  1. Off to Yellowknife? Seeing as I lived there for 20 years, I perk up my ears at any mention. What are your plans?

  2. To hang out with my sister before she moves...

  3. So she IS moving?

    I heard of some early plans, but nothing concrete from them...

    You need to call me more often to gossip to me about family news. I am so out of the loop.

  4. Maybe it's just part of getting older (gulp).

    Our lives have become a blur - it's becoming difficult to maintain any kind of 'ahead' view right now, other than a constant round of too many church meetings, homework from the pastoral course and my mother's health. This is one reason the blog has atrophied to almost nothing.