Monday, May 18, 2009

And A Happy Victoria Day To You Too

Apparently I didn't leave the snow behind in Saskatchewan. Woke up to it this morning, and it's been pretty steady all day. Nice for sitting inside with a movie, not so nice for travelling.

I had a good week with Mom in Saskatoon. She's all moved into her new one bedroom place. It's a very nice apartment, in a very good location near downtown.

It's mostly good to be home again, although it feels like I was gone much longer than five days. This week holds a few meetings, some sewing and baking projects, and a fresh attempt at establishing normalcy, whatever that looks like...

I'll also be getting the iron levels tested to see if three months of 900mg a day of ferrous sulphate has done any good. I mean, you'd think.

So, I hope your Victoria Day is brighter, warmer and dryer than ours. At least the gardening pressure is off for the moment. Kinda hard to do the traditional May long weekend putting in of the garden when it's been snowing since early this morning.


Well, maybe it's time for a hot cup of tea. And some of those frozen Ikea meatballs for supper. And some slightly more summer-like weather. It's only the 18th of May after all.


  1. No snow here, just lots of wind and rain. But please tell me that, even if it is cold with you, the Ikea meatballs will have been defrosted before consumption !

    Our long weekend is next weekend - and then the full might of the tourist season will be unleashed upon your ancestral homeland.

  2. Ah. Would that I were one of the marauding hoard.

    But alas. Only (previously frozen, oven baked) Ikea meatballs and spring snow storms for me.

    : )

  3. Hmmm, now I have a very strange image in my head of what you would look like "marauding"....