Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Mind Like A Bottomless Sieve

I think it may be brain freeze from the snow.

Or old age.

But my memory just ain't what it should be.

For instance, I may spend a week meticulously adding to a grocery list, only to leave it on the counter. Where it was placed under my cell phone or beside my purse, (which I DO take along). So, you know, I would remember it...

Or I may, say, have an appointment with the Doctor to discuss the iron supplement therapy I've been on for three months, the end of which coincided exactly with the finishing of my Metformin prescription. So I would remember to go to the Doctor to get the iron checked because I need to renew my prescription. Which, you know, I forgot to mention when I was there and subsequently didn't get renewed...

A crazy kind of day.

I remembered half-way through lunch that I'd forgotten to get the prescription renewed, so we went back to the clinic, but the Doctor was gone for the day. Gone until tomorrow after lunch.

I very nearly had to go back tomorrow, but was able to get the Safeway Pharmacy to arrange the renewal by fax with the Doctor's office. Hopefully that will work and Randall can pick up the prescription the next time he goes to town.

Ah, well.

At least the snow stopped. And melted.

At least today is pretty much done and tomorrow is another day.

And the Cream Earl Grey Tea is quite a lovely way to end the evening.

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