Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And Here I Am, Minding My Own Business,

When I happen to notice the red "warning" alert on the Weather Network logo on our homepage.

Unable to let such a thing go uninvestigated, I click on it, fully expecting to see "thunderstorm advisory" or something to do with rain.

But no.

That would be too much like May.

Instead, it would seem that the ominous, dark grey clouds that have been visible from the kitchen and bedroom all morning, might be bringing snow.

..."A fraction of the falling snow will likely be melted on the ground. But local accumulation of 5 to 10 can still be expected by this afternoon."


..."In addition, in the wake of the low, strong northerly winds can be expected over most of Central Alberta"

I think I may choose to ignore the "Warning" part of the forecast and just go with the "short term" forecast on the Weather Network page for Wetaskiwin. That is just predicting rain.

But the sky IS a strange colour...

I will keep you posted.

*EDIT: Red warning has disappeared from the weather website. So... just the rain and a bit of wind to come. Still cloudy and grey. Not a bad looking day, as far as I'm concerned. And in spite of the clouds, I haven't really seen any rain yet. No serious rain, anyway. I remain hopeful.

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